Our Impact

In addition to crafting healthy sprouted products that assist in nurturing ourselves, we are focusing on ways to nurture the Earth by reducing our impact and carbon footprint.

Biodynamic and Organic Agriculture

We support the section of the agricultural industry using sustainable farming methods that maintain and regenerate soil health while doing away with the use of farm chemicals. We craft our bread from premium ingredients – 100% are certified biodynamic or certified organic. In particular, biodynamic farming methods regenerate soil health by enhancing the microbial activity, humus formation and healthy root growth. Not only do well-balanced soils grow strong and healthy plants, but their produce contains more nutrients and has a superior taste. We are a certified organic manufacturer which means our facility, ingredients and production methods have been audited and certified by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute.


While certified biodynamic and organic products specifically prohibit the inclusion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) we strongly believe in avoiding all GMOs. By supporting a non-GMO supply chain, we support independent farmers, avoid huge agrochemical and biotech corporations, and help build and maintain a healthy food supply. Additionally, we do not use any irradiated ingredients.

Local Ingredients

95% of our ingredients we source from Australian farmers, ensuring your purchase supports the Australian economy along with supporting our hard-working farmers. This means avoiding unnecessary international freight, fair-trade and environmental impacts of imported ingredients. You can meet some of farmers here.

Powered By The Sun

The time has passed where Essene Bread was “baked” using the solar heat of the desert sun. However, we continue to make our loaves with assistance from the earth’s oldest renewable energy source. Our facility is powered by the Yamba sunshine. An array of 56 solar panels produce 50% of our bake-house energy requirements.

Waste Management

Within our day-to-day operations, we seek to prevent and minimise waste as much as possible. Our facility-generated waste and food waste is kept to a minimum. Any food waste supports local farmers to help feed their free-range farm animals.


Our soft plastic packaging is free from BPA and other toxic chemicals. It is also 100% recyclable. Simply drop it into any REDcycle bin. The REDcycle program processes the soft plastic before passing it on to Replas where it undergoes a transformation to create a range of recycled plastic products. You can find your closest REDcycle bin here.