Over 35 Years Of Pure Life

Pure Life began in 1988 in a farm barn in the hinterland of Byron Bay where wheat grain was being germinated to form a wholesome bread alternative. A couple of years later the operation moved down the road to the idyllic seaside town of Yamba.

Having always a strong interest in health, fitness and plant-based nutrition, Terry and Helen Anderson quickly became passionate about the sprouted breads that were being crafted locally. In 1992 they bought Pure Life which began as a small weekend side-project. For nearly three decades they have continued to experiment sprouting various raw ingredients and now boast a wide range of sprouted breads with options for almost everybody. Today the family’s next generation are also ingrained in the business.



We are passionate about health. We believe that wellbeing is our greatest investment and the first step to achieving and maintaining optimum health is a wholesome nutritious diet. It is our mission to provide people with the healthiest bread options possible. This is made possible through the power that is sprouting and the increase and release of otherwise dormant nutrients. We aim to redefine what is considered “bread”. Our recipes have been crafted and perfected with care and purpose, keeping in mind those among us with allergies and specific food sensitivities.


We are committed to clean food which means sourcing premium ingredients and supporting long-term relationships with our local Australian farmers. Our farmers use environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, biological methods to activate and nurture the life of the soil, plants and animals within nature’s organisation, without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or the use of any additives. We carry these practices through our bakery and onto our finished products.

We pride ourselves in the use of zero additives or preservatives in any of our products. We avoid ingredients with known negative health effects commonly found in conventional breads including flour, sunflower oil and other oils, added gluten, salt, sugar, added yeast and vinegar.


Pure Life is proud to be awarded the following:

2017 Anti Additive Taste Award – GREAT TASTE AWARD

2016 Anti Additive Taste Award – BEST OF THE YEAR