Meet Our Farmers

To align with our values and philosophies of a clean food chain we make our breads in the purest way. This means you will not find additives like added yeasts, preservatives or salts in our breads.

Our commitment to clean food ensures the ingredients we use are free from chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s. To ensure this we use only premium certified biodynamic and organic ingredients. Australia’s clean water, air and soil has a reputation to grow some of the world’s highest quality grains and produce. Sourcing from certified biodynamic and organic farmers is the only way we can ensure our ingredients are sustainability grown without the use of chemical pesticides or GMO’s.

We support long-lasting relationships with our biodynamic and organic Australian farmers. Meet our farmers who are the heart of our breads.

Barry, Fiona and family
Biodynamic wheat and rye
North West Victoria

Stephen and Tania
Biodynamic spelt, rye, barley and lentils
North West Victoria

Brett and Karen
Biodynamic brown rice
Northern Rivers NSW

Lauran, Henriette and family
Organic quinoa