Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your products certified organic?

Are your products certified biodynamic?
In our perfect world we would only use biodynamic ingredients. A lot of our ingredients are certified biodynamic however some we cannot source. Our Essene Supreme, Rye and Spelt loaves are 100% certified biodynamic.

Are your products GM free?
Yes. All of our products are free of any genetically modified ingredients.

Is Pure Life Bakery allergy friendly?
We do use wheat as well as other grains containing gluten and walnuts at our facility. We are totally FREE OF milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, sesame, peanuts and soy. Our gluten free products are processed on separate machinery and baking pans to our gluten containing products. We will be happy to answer your queries if more detailed allergen information is required.

What is the shelf life of the bread?
Each loaf is packaged by removing all air from the pack. This, along with keeping the bread refrigerated gives it a best before date of up to 14 weeks. No preservatives or additives are used or required.

How should I store the bread after opening?
After opening, keep the bread refrigerated and store it in the package that it comes in. Do not keep it in a sealed container as it will encourage mould growth. It is better to let the crust dry out. The first crust cut from the loaf can be pressed back onto the cut end to stop it drying out. Keep the bread in the fridge for up to 7 days. If you are not likely to use all of the loaf in this time, part of the loaf can be frozen.

Can I freeze the bread?
Yes. We recommend slicing it before freezing and then pulling each slice out of the freezer as required.

Are your products suitable for vegans?
Yes. All of our products are vegan friendly.

Are your breads raw?
No, however we bake our breads at relatively low temperatures. As a regulation, the bread must reach at least 65°C and remain there for 10 minutes or reach 70°C. This allows for the elimination of any potential pathogens and the preservation of precious vitamins and minerals.

Do you use cooking aid?
We use trace amounts of organic extra virgin olive oil to help the loaf release from the baking pan.

Do you add yeast?
No. Unlike conventional breads, there is no added yeast.

Do you add salt?
No. None of our products contain added salt.

What is the best way to slice the bread?
Place the loaf on a cutting board. Take a wet, sharp bread knife and hold it on the loaf at the thickness that you want the slice. Gently saw back and forward with only a minimal downward push. Do not force the knife through the loaf. Hold the top of the slice with your index finger so it does not fold over and break. Watch the path as it goes down the side of the loaf straight. Note: A knife sharpened to one side and not the centre will tend to cut crooked.

Where can I buy your products?
Use the store locator to find retailers near you.

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