What our customers are saying…

“All I can say is Wow, I have only just discovered your bread and for the first time in my life, my body is working the way it should. I’ve lost weight, I’m not craving sweet things, I’m full and satisfied, I have more energy. I can’t thank you enough.”

Kim L.

“I just discovered your sprouted breads and they are delicious! I will never be able to go back to normal bread now. Love love love your product! Keep up the good work.”

Melissa G.

“I bought some of the Ezekiel bread and it is awesome, I love it. I used to eat a loaf of cheap white bread in a day and still feel hungry, one slice of Ezekiel bread and I am full.”

Michelle W.

“Your breads are ABSOLUTELY phenomenal… feeling satisfied and my digestive system is SO happy!!!!!!!! Thank YOU!”


“The sprouted rye is insanely good. When I picked it up, I honestly had low expectations. It feels like a brick. But the taste is outstanding!”

Anna B.

“I just bought a loaf of your biodynamic spelt sprouted bread and have eaten some toasted with fresh pumpkin soup. Mmmm. I might never eat any other bread again. Thank you.”

Lisa W.

“My daughter bought me a loaf of this bread last week – it is the nicest bread I’ve ever tasted, and despite the ingredients, because it is sprouted, I had no negative reactions to it. I’m going to see if I can buy some locally, as it was well worth the price.”

Sharon R.

“I have just tried your sunflower sourdough bread and OMG, it is hands down the best bread I have ever eaten. I used to own an organic shop and still have a lot of contact with the health sector and I look forward to recommending your bread. Thought I would let you know, I’m a fan.”

Anne A.

Thank you so much for your amazing Pure Life bread. I feel so healthy every time i eat it. I love the variety, taste and quality excellent work.


I have eaten bread all over the world, and have lived in Germany for 20 years, with the best Bavarian breads etc. But your Khorasan bread is the best of all. I am addicted now. Well baked!


Oh my! I had to contact you to say your bread is absolutely phenomenal!!! I almost broke into a song as I was eating it –  Delicious! I don’t eat anything with added sugar so I feel like I’ve won the jackpot finding such goodness. So thanks!

Kylie S

This bread has changed my life!! So delicious and makes me feel amazing. The epitome of food with integrity. Thank you.


Absolutely amazing bread! I eat one slice of ezekiel bread every morning, and my goodness so tasty, filling, and chock full of nutrients! I’m so glad I found this company, and even better are family owned and made in Australia too?


I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful bread!! Due to Menieres Disease, I am on a very low in sodium diet. Your bread is the only bread I have found (in Australia) that I can eat. So again thank you for providing some normality in my daily life. ??


Really love the heartiness of these breads. I tried the date and walnut loaf along with the ezekiel 4:9 and I would definitely recommend both. The customer service is also great!