Our Process

Our Ingredients

Each ingredient is handled with care throughout the delicate activation, sprouting, grinding and baking process. All of our ingredients are real, whole foods that are certified organic or certified biodynamic. What you see is what you get – this means no nasties and no additives, perfect for those with food sensitivities or food allergies.

What Happens During Sprouting


Whole grains are the seeds of certain plants and contain three edible parts – the germ, endosperm and bran. These seeds contain built-in growth and anti-nutrient inhibitors (phytates) to ensure they only germinate when conditions are just right. During activation and sprouting, phytase enzymes break down the inhibitors to unlock nutrients and transform their starch into simple, easily digestible molecules.



We soak our seeds in double filtered water to ensure optimal germination for a healthy sprout, available nutrients and easy digestion.



The activated seeds then continue to grow in carefully controlled temperature and atmospheric conditions for up to 72 hours.

Grinding & Preparation


When ready, the sprouted seeds are carefully ground to ensure the correct texture and consistency. The sprouted and ground mixture is then hand-shaped with care into a loaf pan, ready for baking.



We bake our sprouted breads low and slow to ensure as many vitamins and minerals are preserved as possible.

The Result


Small batch, nutrient dense, family made bread that’s good for you.